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Roboticmower A1

Superior mowing¹ like never before

Unleash the power of the all-in-one² robotic mower.
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Efficient and Accurate Mapping
3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance
U Path Planning
Easy-to-Adjust Cutting Height

Initiate With a Single Click

Mapping your home effortlessly through the Dreamehome App, taking only 15 minutes3 for A1 to familiarize itself with your garden.

OmniSenseTM 3D Ultra Sensing System

3D Environmental Sensing Allows for Efficient and Accurate Mapping

3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

Neat and efficient.
Outstanding mowing results.

Smart Pathing for Maximum Results

Easy-to-Adjust Cutting Height

Continuous Mowing

Intuitive App Control Makes Mowing Easy

Immersive 3D Map

Effortless Map Editing

Dynamic Appearance Meets Powerful Performance.
Leading the trend with future technologies.

With the trendy top cover design, each touch ignites a spark within.

Rims are designed with a sense of order, showcasing extraordinary texture, and delivering exceptional performance.

  • Intelligence System Boundary Setting Wire-free Navigation & Positioning OmniSenseTM Ultra Sensing System (U path planning) Obstacle Avoidance OmniSenseTM Ultra Sensing System Multi-Zone Management Y 3D Map Y
  • Mowing System Applicable Mowing Area 2000m² Mowing Efficiency 1000m²/day Operating Modes 4 Continuity on Mowing Y Blade Configuration 22cm width
    3-7cm height
    Cutting Height Adjustment Electric
  • Motion System Slope Management 45%
  • Electrical System Battery 5Ah Charging Current3A
  • Operating System Display Color Display OperationJog Wheel & Keypad & App
  • Protection System Waterproof Index IPX6
  • 1."Superior Mowing" refers to "Superior Mowing Experience". "Like Never Before" refers to that compared with traditional walk behind mowers and riding mowers, A1 needs no manual mowing and operations are easier. The boundary setting is simple and hassle-free compared with products requiring boundary wires, RTK or UWB.
    2."All-in-one" refers to that A1 is combined with various functions including wire-free boundary setting, intelligent mapping, positioning and obstacle avoidance, logical cutting, automatic recharging and more.
    3.Data is from Dreame laboratory. It takes A1 15 minutes to map a 1,000㎡ garden. Actual experience may vary depending on the garden environment.
    4.Data is from Dreame laboratory.Common types of obstacles contain trees, pot plants, swing sets, rocks, fences, tables, chairs, footballs, toys, people and pets. Actual experience may vary depending on the obstacle shape.
    5.Data is from Dreame laboratory. It takes 24 h of actual operating time for A1 to mow a 1,000 m² standard garden lawn. Actual experience may vary depending on the garden environment.

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