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Dreame H13 Pro

A new era of high temp, thorough cleaning
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60°C Brush
30min Hot
Air Drying
Dual Edge
Dual Rotation
A new era of cleaning is here for floor wonders.
H13 Pro is well-prepped for pampering your home.
High Temp.
Your comfy home deserves pristine floors that require minimal effort for maximum relaxation.

60°C1 Brush Wash

30min2 60°C Hot Air Drying

Dual Rotation Self-Cleaning

Edge-to-Edge Cleaning on Both Sides
Keeps Hidden Dirt on Edge

This new and advanced edge-to-edge design reaches into challenging areas such as corners and along baseboards to pick up spills and remove stains. This also extends the brush to each end of the wet and dry vacuum, so each end can reach close to the walls and effectively cleans corners.
into wall corners
along baseboards
around table legs

40min6 Seamless Cleaning

Larger Tanks, Longer Battery Life, Fewer Interruptions
Powered by a 6 x 4900mAh battery pack, H13 Pro can work for 40 minutes straight, with fewer interruptions or the need for frequent refills and battery recharging. Cover more ground in one go, and conveniently clean up to 300m² spaces⁶.

Distinct Resilient Scraper
Helps You Stay Away from Entanglement

Troubled by hair entanglement? Consider it solved. The ingenious floating resilient scraper tightly hugs the brush, extracting hair and fur while squeezing out dirt for a sparkling clean. Meanwhile, the comb tooth design allows the scraper to delve deep into the brush to prevent hair tangles.

GlideWheelTM Power System

Moves Back and Forth Smoothly and Effortlessly
Despite its 5.6kg body, H13 Pro is remarkably easy to maneuver. Unlike traditional unidirectional vacuum cleaners that struggle during backward pulls, H13 Pro's innovative GlideWheel™ power system boasts two rear motors that enable smooth back-and-forth motion.

Detects, Adjusts, Cleans Better
Detects, Adjusts, Cleans Better

H13 Pro's smart sensor adapts suction power to handle various types of dirt effectively, so the suitable cleaning power is used for better results, without manual adjustments.
Heavy Dirt
Medium Dirt
Light Dirt

Illuminates Hidden Stains, Day or Night

Sneaky Stains Have Nowhere to Hide
Too dim to spot hidden mess? H13 Pro's sleek LED brush head illuminates dark corners of your home - dirt and stains are to be exposed. No more restrictions by time or place, no lurking spot stands a chance.

Package List

H13 Pro

H13 Pro

Main Body x1
Handle x1
Spare Brush Roller x1
Charging Base x1
Replacement Filter x1
Cleaning Solution x1
Solid Waste Filter Container x1
Cleaning Brush x1
Main Body x1
Handle x1
Spare Brush Roller x1
Charging Base x1
Replacement Filter x1
Cleaning Solution x1
Solid Waste Filter Container x1
Cleaning Brush x1
  • Product Name H13 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • Rated Power 300W
  • Weight 5.6kg
  • Battery Capacity 6 x 4,900mAh
  • Clean Water Tank 900ml
  • Used Water Tank 700ml
  • Cleaning Modes Auto, Suction, Ultra, Turbo
  • Maximum Runtime 40min
  • Suction 18,000Pa
  • Display LED Screen
  • Motor TypeBrushless
  • Brush Type Dual Edge Cleaning
  • Auto Dirt Detection Yes
  • Hot Air Drying 30min
  • Charging Time 4hrs
  • Note:
    1. 60°C: PTC heating system delivers max. 60°C temperature, based on Dreame Lab's testing conditions. Actual water temperature and cleaning performance may vary.
    2. 30 minutes 60°C hot air drying: under conditions of 20–25°C, 45% RH based on Dreame Lab testing. Actual drying temperature may vary.
    3. 18,000Pa: Data tested by Suzhou GTT Service Co., Ltd. (Report No.: 0171-23A-01)
    4. 520RPM: Based on Dreame Lab testing data.
    5. 13,000RPM: Data tested by Suzhou GTT Service Co., Ltd. (Report No.: 0605-23A-02)
    6. 40min&300m²: Based on Dreame Lab testing data under Auto mode. Actual runtime may vary.

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