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Delivery Robot

Brand-New Smart Delivery Robot

Versatile and
Comprehensive Service
D1 integrates multiple modes: seating, delivery, plate return, cruise, and more. You can equip it with up to four large trays, each capable of holding 10kg. The trays are adjustable so that D1 can cater to various dish placement needs.

Dual-SLAM Positioning System

D1 supports both LDS and vSLAM, realizing centimeter-level positioning accuracy.
Positioning System
D1's 360° environmental perception allows for real-time mapping and intelligent route planning to ensure precise movements to avoid obstacles and patrons.

Intelligent Multi-robot Collaboration Enables Real-Time Route Optimization

D1 robots seamlessly communicate within the network, enabling swift calculation and decision-making. Especially adept in dynamic settings like restaurants and hotels, D1 leverages multi-robot collaboration for real-time route optimization, significantly boosting delivery capacity.
Ultra-Sensing 3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance
Equipped with a 270° wide-angle LiDAR, D1 accurately measures horizontal distances across expansive areas. Its high-precision stereo vision sensors instantly detect obstacles in the front. With autonomous-driving grade AI chips, D1 intelligently perceives and navigates around diverse barriers, ensuring a safe, smooth, and worry-free delivery experience.

Enhanced Stability with Automotive-Grade Air Suspension

D1 operates smoothly on its six independently tuned wheels. The adaptive and independent suspension allows damping adjustments based on floor conditions for optimal stability. Independently tuned two-drive wheels and four auxiliary wheels ensure exceptional obstacle-traversing capabilities.
Simplified Deployment
Brings Ease to Use
Effortless operations begin with one-click start and streamlined mapping design, eliminating the need for technical instructions

Intelligent Perception of Passage Width

Navigate passages as narrow as 65cm without worry.

Dreame Cloud Platform Compatibility

Effortlessly access device data for efficient management through the Dreame Cloud platform. Monitor device status in real-time and enhance data management efficiency to maximize returns.

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