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Dreame T10 Features

Dreame’s new cordless vacuum cleaner is here and it introduces a ton of features for strong suction power and sustainable high performance.

No matter how thorough we are about dirt, dust, and other debris, they always find their way into our homes or offices. Indeed, sometimes it feels like a clean indoor is a utopian dream. What is more annoying is that dust always comes back, no matter how many times you get rid of it. Things get even worse when you have pets around, and they leave their hair and other unwanted elements all over the carpet and upholstery.

Most households rely on vacuum cleaners to remove dust, dirt, and debris. But while buying a vacuum cleaner doesn't require genius, a poor decision can leave you suffering for years. Dreame Tech sets you up for life. Meets the Dreame T10, a battery-powered, handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s a sleek-looking, lightweight vacuum cleaner that packs many features, making it a joy to use.

Features of the Dreame T10

Swappable Lithium Battery

The Dreame T10 uses a 2500mAh battery and features 3 suction power modes for all your cleaning needs. The Turbo model is for giving your carpets and rugs a blitz. The maximum runtime at this power level is 8mins. The standard mode is for your cushions or car seats, and the runtime is 28 minutes. The Eco mode has the highest runtime at 60 minutes, meaning you can clean up to 1291 square feet.

The battery charges under 3.5 hours, and in all modes, you can double the working time using a swappable battery. There's a large, replaceable capacity reserve battery you can buy to increase your cleaning space. Also, get a large charging base so you can charge both batteries at once.

Hands-free Dust Removal

The Dreame T10 features a self-emptying base with a 0.6L dust cup which reduces the number of times you have to dispose of dust. This feature, combined with an anti-tangle brush, eliminates the need of having to use your hands to remove dust from the home.

dreame t10 hands-free dust removal

Five Brushes with an Anti-Tangle Brush Roll Design

This is where the machine gets versatile. It features a brush roll for just about any floor type. These include a 2-in-1 brush, a mite removal brush, a crevice brush, and so on. You can use the vacuum cleaner on floors of any type, upholstery, car seat covers, walls, and ceilings. And what is more, the V-shape roller brush allows hair to untangle easily. Any pet or long hair that wraps around the brush roller peels off easily due to the anti-tangle brush roll.

Continuous and Instant Working Mode with an Auto-Lock Feature

You can switch between instant and continuous working mode with the push of a finger, courtesy of an electronic Auto-Lock system. Select the model that suits your cleaning needs. The continuous working mode is for long cleaning sessions; you don't have to press and hold down a button; lock the machine and proceed. That way, your fingers won't get exhausted.

On the other hand, the instant working mode is for separate cleaning chores. Simply hold the lock during cleaning and release it anytime you want to stop.

Self-cleaning Technology

There’s a built-in 12-cone self-cleaning cyclone system that makes use of powerful centrifugal forces to separate air and dust so filtration goes on smoothly and suction remains unobstructed.

Consistent Suction

The Dreame T10 brings a multi-patented high-speed SPACE 3.0 Motor, generating a max 120AW suction power and a 20,000 PA suction force to dislodge debris and suck dust from even the inner recesses of your carpet fiber in mere minutes.

Consistent motor performance dissipates heat via special venting channels, keeping the machine from overheating and breaking down faster.


As already mentioned, the Dreame T10 is a joy to use, you can hold it with one hand because it weighs only 3.64lbs and the center of gravity is at the back of the ergonomic handle.

The extension rod can be removed to use the machine with a mini-motorized brush for sucking dust and debris off sofas, car seats, or computer keyboards!

lightweight dreame t10

Multilayered Filtration

HEPA filtration system blocks dust particles as small as 0.3 nanometers. The high-density sponge HEPA filters fine dust. A cyclone filtration flings off large dust, and a high-density metal mesh captures larger dust particles.

The multilayered filtration ensures the complete removal of allergens and other harmful elements, leaving your house safe even for those with respiratory illnesses. It removes mite dust 99.9 % of the time.

Eight-layer Noise Reduction

What also makes the Dreame T10 a joy to use is how quiet it operates, thanks to 8-layer noise reduction. You no longer have to hear a horrendous sound to know your machine is working; trust Dreame T10’s suction force, versatile brush roll, and air-filtration system to get the job done; and the noise-reduction layer to keep it quiet.

That said, how does the Dreame T10 compare with the Dreame T20?

Dreame T10 vs. Dreame T20

The Dreame T20 is another handheld, wireless vacuum cleaner. It boasts quality workmanship,150AW powerful suction, 70mins runtime, HD full screen, smart scanning, and can adjust its suction power based on floor situation. But it lacks features such as an Auto-Lock, Five Brushes, and Hands-Free Dust Removal that make the Dreame T10 special in its own right.

Both vacuum cleaners feature a powerful suction force and 8 level noise reduction for quiet operations. They also use batteries that charge under 3.5 hours.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between the two models, it depends on what cleaning experience you want. For hands-free hair removal, the Dreame T10 has got your back. For smart sensing technology, the T20 is your machine, but you may have to use your hands quite a bit.

dreame t20


We spend a lot of time indoors now and given that more and more people are affected by asthma, and it's important that we keep our indoors clean. Vacuum cleaners are a number one buy now. But not all vacuum cleaners are the same; you want versatile brush roll, powerful suction, multilayered filtration, and self-cleaning technology, among other convenient features. Check out the Dreame T10 model reviewed above for easy, powerful, and thorough cleaning experiences.

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