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Dreame Bot L10 Pro Robot Vacuum New Features

The Dreame L10 Pro's new features allow it to stand out from previous models. The gadget features impressive and new technologies, making it ideal for cleaning houses. So, for anyone looking to keep their spaces clean seamlessly, this could be their go-to robot vacuum. But first things first, what are the features of L10 that make it an outstanding product?

Impressive Navigation Skills

One of the most outstanding features of the Dreame L10 pro is its advanced navigation skills. But how advanced are they? People who own new iPhones have access to LiDAR. LiDAR acts like a radar, whereby it uses lasers instead of sound waves for mapping and navigation. That makes LiDAR-enabled gadgets much faster and more accurate as compared to other radars.

Similarly, the L10 Pro comes fitted with double-laser LiDAR sensors. Besides allowing the robot vacuum to navigate accurately, the sensors also work consistently in a dim environment. Notably, Dreame has fitted this gadget with self-developed SLAM algorithms, which help identify obstacles much faster. This is a helpful feature because it allows the bot vacuum cleaner to move freely and clean spaces efficiently.

The double-laser LiDAR sensors also enable this impressive device to map out houses as it cleans in real-time. The technology allows it to know precisely where it has to go and where it has been. Moreover, the dual-structured light technology fitted in the L10 pro has been widely used in face recognition and self-driving fields.

Intriguingly, this vacuum has a 360-degree view that allows it to identify objects such as cables, shoes, and furniture automatically so that it can avoid them accordingly. This is quite significant because it ensures the vacuum does not collide with objects or gets entangled in cables.

The Dreame Bot L10 Pro also features multiple-floor mapping technology. Therefore, it can store maps of different floors or rooms within a house. It allows users to personalize it by defining a dynamic cleaning route for each room or floor. The application can help make this process much more manageable. Additionally, the robot vacuum has other sensors that effectively detect cliffs and clean edges within the house.

Impressive Navigation Skills


The Dreame Bot L10 Pro comes with a 5200mAH battery. And it has intelligent power saving to provide users with ample cleaning time. Overall, this robot vacuum offers users up to 60 minutes of clean-time, and it takes up to 2.5 hours to be fully charged. Speaking of charging, this bot vacuum includes an auto-charge and resume feature. The feature enables the vacuum to charge itself automatically when the power is low and resume cleaning where it left off.

Cleaning app

The Dreame L10 pro also comes with a downloadable cleaning app. Users can control the vacuum using Alexa or an App. The App makes cleaning spaces much easier because users can personalize it to take up several cleaning orders. One can use it to define virtual no-go-zones, specific cleaning areas, dynamic route planning, and cleaning by rooms.

Suction power

Unlike its predecessors, Dreame Bot L10 Pro Robot Vacuum comes with more suction power of 4,000Pa. Its suction power is quite impressive because it allows it to pull the dirt and dust hidden deep in carpets. Better yet, the bot vacuum has four suction levels from which users could choose.

Additionally, Dreame has fitted the L10 pro with a water tank of 270 ml, improving its cleaning capacity. What's more, this robot vacuum has a noise level of 65dBA; therefore, it runs quietly, minimizing disturbance in the house.

Dreame L10 Pro suction power

Intelligent wet mop

One of the most outstanding features that users will find in the Dreame L10 Pro includes its intelligent wet mop. The mop works hand-in-hand with the electric water tank. The water tank controls the amount of fluid dispensed on the floor through an electric tank. Unlike its predecessors, the L10 Pro has a four-stage cleaning system that enhances its efficiency. The four stages of cleaning are sweeping, gathering, vacuuming, and filtering.

Dreame L10 Pro Specifications

Material – plastic

Smart-App controlled

Dust box capacity – 570ml

Water tank capacity – 270ml

Suction power – 4000Pa

Noise – 65dBA

Runtime – 60 minutes

Charging time – 2.5 hours

Battery capacity – 5200mAH

Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum features a NIDEC Brushless motor, plus a front suspend roller brush. The device's tangle-resistant brush enhances the sweeping. Interestingly, this brush requires less maintenance than previous versions. It features a V-shape and doesn't get tangled with carpet hairs.


Dreame continues to impress its consumers with new features every time it introduces a new vacuum cleaner in the market. This article has carried out an in-depth review of the Dreame L10 Pro's new features. Notably, the double-laser LiDAR sensors, four suction levels, advanced navigation skills, easy control with App, auto-charge and resume, customizable app, tangle-resistant brush, and a four-stage cleaning system.


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