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Dreame H11 Max & H11
Wet and Dry Vacuum
Best deal this year.
Start dual cleaning now.

One pass. All clean. Try an effortless way to clean up most wet
and dry household messes. We are accepting pre-orders now.
Double 11 & Early Bird Price:
H11 €249.85 | H11 Max €366.00
*Prices in Euro are subject to floating exchange rate.
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Erases household dirt,
both wet and dry.

Vacuums and mops at the same time when brushing floor 560 times per minute. Especially useful for the bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. Your floor is cleaner than it looks.

as long as it is on.

Only a clean roller brush cleans well. The dirt is safely vacuumed, and the roller brush is clean during the cleanup. with a simple click from you, it even cleans itself on the dock.

Deep clean for
large homes.

Easy to cover large homes with a clean water tank of 900ml (0.23gal) and a large battery capacity.

Push easily under
an invisible force.

Generated by the roller, there is traction at the front to help you effortlessly push the vacuum cleaner forward once it is on.

Get notified.
Whenever you need.

Get an insight into the cleaning when the remaining battery, cleanliness, and working status display on the LED screen.

H11 Max or H11?

H11 Max

  • Auto Mode

    Dirt Detection

  • 36min


  • 900ml (0.23gal)

    Clean Water Tank

  • 500ml (0.13gal)

    Used Water Tank


  • Max Mode

    Powerful Cleaning

  • 30min


  • 900ml (0.23gal)

    Clean Water Tank

  • 500ml (0.13gal)

    Used Water Tank

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